Lifted 2020 Toyota 4Runner

This daily driver just emerged from Stage 1 of its build which, is already very impressive!

Lifted 2020 Toyota 4Runner

Being a daily driver, we really wanted it to have excellent on road characteristics. Sure, we could go bigger on tires but, not just yet. Believe it or not, no trimming was needed to clear the 34" KO2s! We clocked the lower arms forward symmetrically and put the SPCs to work.


Suspension Build

  • 5 stage #The4x4Center Corrosion Protection Process on shocks and coilovers prior to install.
  • #Toytec Rear Superflex HD coil springs
  • Toytec Front Diff Drop
  • #ToytecBoss Aluma Series 2.5 Rear Shocks
  • Toytec Boss Aluma Series Remote Reservoir 2.5 Coil Overs
  • #OldManEmu Top Shim on LHR Spring
  • #SPC Premium Adjustable Upper Control Arms
  • #Timbren Active OR Rear Bumps Stops
  • Timbren Active OR Front Bump Stops
  • Needle bearing eliminator kit from #eastcoastgearsupply
  • Total Chaos Spindle Gussets #builtfortravel

Lifted 2020 Toyota 4Runner Toytec Lift


  • #NitroGear 4.88 regear
  • Rear Diff Vent Relocation and upgrade



Toytec Lifted Toyota 4Runner
Stay tuned for phase 2 of this build which will include bumpers and sliders. .