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Jeep Lifts & Upgrades


     The Jeep Experts at The 4x4 Center understand the connection between an owner and their Jeep. This union is natural and your desire to nurture, build, and improve your relationship with your Jeep is not uncommon. However, they way it is done, and the finished product, is very specific to you. This is why we use a consultative process to identify your current use and desired use of the Jeep. Driving away in you newly lifted Jeep we want you thinking "wow, they were great to work with" and once you hit the trail we want you saying "this is everything I wanted."



     We use the best parts to ensure that quality, durability, and longevity are in your favor. With so many aftermarket parts manufacturers out who makes the best parts for what. We've been doing this since 1993 and over the years have found what works best. You'll have confidence knowing your Jeep was not only lifted by someone with experience, but also the experience that comes with using the right parts for the job. Trust us, there is nothing worse than spending a bunch of time and money to lift your vehicle only to have it drive poorly. We see a number of these vehicles come into our shop every year and are happy to fix them, but would prefer to see you spend your time and money correctly the first time.



     If you're an experienced Jeeper you know the fear of taking your Jeep into the mechanic.. The reality is that mechanics are either OEM trained or receive training regarding OEM specifications - there is nothing wrong with that! Except now that your Jeep is lifted, many of those specs won't work. The 4x4 Center knows Jeeps! We own 7 JKs and a Gladiator that are all lifted and travel Off-Road on a daily basis. We work on and build Jeeps on a daily basis. You won't hear "your tires are too big" as an excuse for why your Jeep cannot be fixed here. You'll find working with people that love, and support the same things you do, is well worth it. Give The 4x4 Center a call when you need specialized Jeep repair or are ready to make some upgrades to your Jeep!

     Interested in learning how to drive off-road? Check out our Jeep Drivers Training classes!

See Jeep upgrades

2015 Willys 2.5in JKS Lift

Check out this 2015 Willys in for a big winter upgrade to a 2.5in JKS Lift! 

2018 Jeep Wrangler Lifted & Locked

This Jeep Wrangler get's a 3.5" lift, 35" tires, and a rear locker.

Straightening a bent Jeep axle

The 4x4 Center has the tools and knowledge to straighten your bent axle = savings!

Ruby's Rebuild

A commemorative restoration for a TJ.