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SUV Lift Kits


     Considering lifting your SUV? Then you have come to the right place! The 4x4 Center of Vermont specializes in building off-road vehicles including the installation of SUV lift kits. If you're wondering "who" to pick to perform your installation, or even who to speak to for advise, we recommend going with experienced builders & technicians. The truth is, there are a lot of companies that make parts for vehicles, but not all the parts fit on the vehicles like these companies say they will. This can mean - increased costs and wait times as these challenges are solved. We hate saying it, but this happens more often than most people know and in the long run, the customer feels the pinch. 



     Our SUV lift experts leverage years of experience when recommending parts that will function the way you want them to, for years to come. As you look around online you will see everything from $400 lift kits to $4,000 lift kits and that could leave you wondering, what's the difference? The difference is price, and for a good reason. The more expensive kit will come with more parts that make the final ride that much more comfortable and better. The honest truth is, some kits don't even come with the hardware to install them, they lower prices by providing a lower quality solution, which leaves you with a poor ride. This also doesn't mean you need a $4,000 lift either! Our experience helps us create custom solutions and lift kits that meet your driving needs, without breaking the bank.



     The 4x4 Center helps take the pinch out of lifting your SUV by understanding why you are lifting the vehicle, and how it will be used. The 4x4 Center also owns and operates an Off-Road Driving School where we train Customers, Enthusiasts, and our Employees so they can best serve your needs. Whether you are planning a cross-country trip that includes days of off-road driving or, you enjoy the occasional dirt road, there is a lift kit that has been specifically designed for your vehicle to do that, and we can recommend the right parts to make your trip fun, exciting, and comfortable!

Recent SUV Lifts

2015 Willys 2.5in JKS Lift

Check out this 2015 Willys in for a big winter upgrade to a 2.5in JKS Lift! 

Lifted 2020 Toyota 4Runner

Build Stage 1: 34" Tires go on the daily driven 4Runner

Lifted 2019 Toyota 4Runner with Toytec

The 4x4 Center installs a Toytec suspension lift in a 2019 Toyota 4Runner.

1989 Toyota Land Cruiser Frame Repair

Winter driving caused the frame to rot on this otherwise well maintained Land Cruiser, The 4x4 Center repairs it.