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     What can we say, it's in our DNA! We grew up with trucks, we drive trucks, and we work on them for a living. Would it make sense to take your Truck to a tuner shop for Service? Not really. That is why we are here. The 4x4 Center is where the local 4x4 and truck experts work. We surround ourselves, partake in, and often indulge in everything Truck. Whether you need an oil change, bigger tires, auxiliary lighting, or a full suspension lift, you won't find anyone better qualified in our area to do the work.



     We've been building Trucks since 1993.. That means we've seen fads come and go and the use of onboard electronics grow. When you choose to modify your truck its critical that the correct parts are chosen, parts that will compliment, and improve the condition of your vehicle. It's very easy to end up with shocks too stiff or too soft, or to end up with a driveline vibration that is impossible to correct. The experienced technicians of The 4x4 Center know what works and can draw from our long history of upgrades to find the right parts to meet your goals.



     We love the challenge of finding a new solution for a customer's problem. Over the summer of 2019 a customer came to us with a relatively new GMC Denali Truck that was not riding right anymore. After looking it over and driving it we found the shocks had failed. If you didn't know, the GMC Magneride Suspension in a Denali Truck is partly electronic, and would have cost the customer around $600 per corner to replace (yes, a Denali has $2,400 in shocks under it). Needless to say, we were blown away, and so were they. After discussing the customers needs, wants, and goals we came to the conclusion that a smaller version of one of our favorite truck lifts would not only solve the problem, but it would cost less to install,  and as it turns out the customer could barely tell the ride difference and loved the new look of their truck! Finding quality solutions, that make you happy, is what we do!


  • 3", 4", and 6" lift kits. Lift kits that ride better than stock suspension!
  • Auxiliary lighting for your bumper, bed, grille, and more.
  • Oversized wheel and tire packages.
  • Supercharger Installations.


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